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To empower you with confidence and bring out your best qualities through what you wear.


To deliver innovative and contemporary working apparel of the finest quality.



Our Design Department is where fun, creativity and passion come into one. A solid team of notable designers and seasoned project managers with long-term experience in this industry pour ideas, combining taste and endlessly striving to create designs, manage and implement several projects simultanesously. Pure creativity along with professionalism floods this department, making us one of the best in what we do.


Our Production Departement holds a significant part in the whole process of creating high quality products that are up to par with our standards. The department is divided into several sub-departments including cutting, sewing and finishing departments. Cutting department is responsible in making prerfect pattern using high technology machineries such as CAD/Lectra System (automatic pattern maker) and pattern sewer machine, while the sewing department implements the patterns on garments. Our assembly line system ensures high standard of workmanship and high quality products. This system separates us completely from custom made tailors and home industries. Our state-of-the-art equipments help to maintain our quality, speed and minimize errors.


Our finishing department sums up the whole process, applying on small, but important details and making sure there is no error of any kind on the finished products. It is responsible for quality control and with machineries such as steam boiler and installation, fusing press machine, eyelet buttonhole and lock-stitch button attachment, it is also responsible in creating a put-together look on the products.


Technology helps us achieve thoroughness & accuracy in our uniform making, even for small details like the buttons, That’s why we always employ and adapt to the best.


Automatic Sleeve Placket Machine


This machine is a unique fully automated system that allows to fold and sew the sleeve plackets to the sleeves without them needing to be pre- ironed. It is equipped with two patented Folding heads right and left side which allow to prepare the next piece while the machine is sewing the current one. The laser helps the operator to perfectly place and align striped fabrics. A vacuum system, along with blades, will fold it to make it ready for the stitching part.


The length of the sleeve placket can be adjusted using the same jigs, but different widths will make you change it for a new one. The width can go from 15mm to 30mm. Two stackers will follow the process and move the finished pieces to the back of the unit. Everything is controlled by the computer so that the opeator only needs to feed the machine.

Automatic Pocket Welting Machine


This machine supports double or single sewing of straight pockets of various lengths with flaps on our suits, jacket and pants.


Automatic Pcket Setter

This machine places and align fabric to automatically attach and stitch pockets of different shapes. speeding up this intricate process while promoting quality.

Eton Hanger System

This overhead conveyor system eliminates manual transportation and ease material flow that ultimately speeds up our production. Reducing manual handling also means our employees can focus on the sewing and adding value to our uniforms.

Automatic Multiply Cutting Machine

Automatic cutting machine for up to 100 compressed fabric lays, designed for the highest level of performance and productivity.

20 Heads Embroidery Machine


Multi-head embroidery machine gives us the ability to sew on various items and the most precisely sewn details and lettering for higher production and top sewing speeds


Z4 UNIFORM answers your needs for the perfect contemporary uniforms with the best quality and reasonable price. We design and manufacture all items in house, starting from prototypes to the final collection, ensuring consistent workmanship and quality of uniforms throughout the entire design and approval process. This also gives us the ability to offer flexibility, solution and service unmatched by any in the industry.


Consultation & Professional Advice

Our specialty is career wear: from design, manufacture to retail. We understand the importance of having a dependable and knowledgeable partner in creating a vision and eventually delivering the perfect outcome. Our experience has led us the resources, reputation and confidence to translate the discipline of design into an intuitive, yet technical and business-viable art form. That is Why we only offer the best design consultants and development team to work with our clients.



Modern fitting and silhouette help set us apart from our competitors. Master fitting sample is a method that we proudly use to perform measurement. This method has been proven effective and efficient in creating client’ satisfaction. The sizing standards are thoroughly considered and then constructed before measurements done by user or provider. These samples will then be the guidance for production, accommodating our clientele’s various sizes and request.


Lead Time

We realize that in the uniform business, apart from quality, speed weighs the same importance to our cleints. With our experience in the industry on hand, we are committed to maintain and deliver and excellent lead time through our expertise in fabric sourcing, adapting the latest machineries and production process for promoting speed, and strict product delivery. Our barcode system and database keep track of each individual’s fitting measurent as well as branch location and guarantee users to receive his or her uniform on time.



After fitting is completed and every user has been measured, production can start once we have received a signed agreement that consists everything from agreed upon designs, color, garments, samples and sizes. This will be our production guidance, keeping us always in line with the client’ requests and creating a consistency in quality from initial presentation to final delivery of collection. There is no doubt that we only employ the best and up to date technology as well as manufacturing techniques, cutting, trimmings, linings and interlinings.


After Sales Service

The importance of after sales service cannot be stressed enough. More than a slogan, Z4 Uniform has consistently proven its dedication to maintaining a close yet healthy relationship with its clients throughout the lifetime of the uniform. We promise compliance to the agreement we have with our valued client, We do not only give our clients a product, we give them peace of mind.

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